Project Objectives

The project addresses these challenges by improving the Membrane-Electrode- Assembly (MEA) as the core component of an automotive fuel cell. The main goals are: 1.Development of MEAs with ultra-low platinum loading for automotive applications with single cell performances achieving 1 W/cm² at 670 mV cell voltage. 2.Improvement of lifetime of ultra-low loaded MEAs (goal 5,000 hours of dynamic operation in stack and degradation rates below 10 μV/h). The main objective of the planned project IMPACT is to increase the life-time of fuel cells with membrane-electrode assemblies containing ultra-low Pt-loading (< 0.2 mg cm-2) for automotive applications. The economic requirements to reduce Pt loading leads to the challenge to maintain durability and performance, an aspect which has not been addressed sufficiently in public projects and studies. A durability of 5000 h under dynamic operation conditions with ultra-low loading is envisioned for automotive applications. IMPACT aims at improving significantly durability in the automotive application at reduced PGM loadings by material development and MEA development. Development is performed on the main components of the cell, namely the membrane, the gas diffusion media and the electrodes. The basis for the durability is extensive testing at the industrial and research partner's facilities under diverse and highly dynamic conditions and comprehensive and detailed analysis and evaluation of degradation processes and their importance for fuel cell performance loss. This analysis is utilized for the derivation of mitigation strategies by component modification and optimization of operation modes. The mitigation strategies are experimentally validated and consecutively lead to a demonstration of the improved durability in an predefined stack. IMPACT also aims at providing a cost analysis and an evaluation of the technical feasibility for large scale utilization of the project achievements. Recommendation and dissemination activities are planned within scientific workshops, publication of the results in scientific journals, and using project fact sheets.
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European Project IMPACT Improved Lifetime of Automotive Application Fuel Cells with ultra low Pt-loading