Methodology and Structure

Improved materials are the key to high performance, low cost MEAS. Within the project

improvements in the following key MEA components are intended with the goal to provide a

superior material basis for next generation fuel cell cars:

Polymer Electrolyte Membranes

Gas Diffusion layers (GDL)

Catalyst particles

Catalyst layers

For reaching the goals, component testing under steady state and highly dynamic conditions

as encountered in automotive applications is done by industry and the research


Comprehensive data analysis will give insight into degradation processes and help to improve

modelling and simulation tools.

Experimental and modelling results are im-portant and guide the material improvement and

the development of operating strategies for the mitigation of degradation effects.

Experimental validation and demonstration of improvements will be done on a single cell and

finally on a stack level.

IMPACT also provides a cost analysis and an evaluation of the technical feasibility for large

scale utilization of the achievements.

The project is organized in the following work packages

The scientific understanding, strategies and recommendations are communicated to industry,

the scientific community and the general public.

Application and Impact

The project aims at both providing results directly applicable by industry, thereby also

generating further momentum for the market introduction of fuel cell vehicles in Europe, and

extending scientific knowledge.

Initially the understanding of the individual degradation processes with focus on MEAs with

ultra-low precious metal loadings is obtained. If furthermore all objectives are attained, a

superior MEA with low Pt loading and sufficient stability for the automotive application will

become available. Thus, the European companies in the consortium will directly profit from

the project, secure their intellectual property, and will be able to use the results for their


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